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What can I do with iMyVoice ?

using imyvoice

Using the iMyVoice application enables creating keyword-based communication pages that enable communication independence and high language skills. The application can be used to create communication intentions and rules of discourse, to take turns in conversation, to ask questions, to produce answers, to submit requests, to preserve a topic, to understand and to take care of initiatives.
The purpose of using the iMyVoice application is to create a vocabulary in the database that is closest to vocabulary in speech.
In the creation of communication pages, it is customary to categorize them according to categories (such as "breakfast") or lexical semantic categories (such as "greetings", "people" books, etc.) And color between different syntactic parts.
The application allows you to paint background, frame, text of the desired words in different colors to illustrate the differences between them.
The iMyVoice application allows you to define these pages as a template that can be integrated into any communication page in a fixed place. Resulting in a quick demonstration of communication needs.

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