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What is iMyVoice ?

iMyVoice is an interactive communication application that enables the user to express his needs and wishes. It is the solution ...

Who is the iMyVoice application suitable for?

The application provides a solution for communication needs for people with a variety of disabilities; Autism, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome ...

What can I do with iMyVoice ?

Using the iMyVoice application enables creating keyword-based communication pages that enable communication independence and high language skills. The application can be used to ...

Can I try iMyVoice for free ?

There is a free version of iMyVoice. You can download it for free from ...

I bought the application, where do I start ?

Customer support

The iMyVoice application comes with several ready-made pages. For a quick start, you can ...

customer service
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tel: 972-54-5676241

fax: 972-4-6521025

Techno M.A.G - e-mail: t-mag@bezeqint.net; tel: 972-54-5676241; fax: 972-4-6521025

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